Some light

7-3°C, showers, now clear.

Rab tells me her story, well my story but my memory eludes me of those fifteen minutes on the 10th that I can’t account for. I was indeed out cold, I had blankets put over me, maybe over my head (this bit I struggle to believe). I must have been out for a while rather than staggering about with amnesia. Then I got up, or tried to. After falling back to the tarmac, I got up enough to be assisted to the opposite footpath where I sat myself.
Strange, strange memorys. The thought of losing that time is quite unsettling, I’ve not had anything to compare in my life before.

The Kite Runner: tonight’s excellent film.

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1 Response to Some light

  1. Graham says:

    I went out cold when I lost a lot of blood once. You just want to know where you were during that lost time. Yeah.


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