2°C, cold, then sleet

08.15: Walsall Wood Crucifixion:
Drove the usual route to work, road closed at Walsall Wood, could see police cars closed the road at both ends and they re-directed traffic. The approach is downhill so I looked ahead to see- was it a crash, a burst water pipe or a fire. Then I saw it, a man’s body hanging limply from a lamp-post. The lights were red and I stopped at the front to turn right. Not only was he hanging limp as dead, but there was a wooden 2×3" through his arms. He was up there, crucified. It was like a scene from Breugel. The lights changed and I drove right, concentrating on the traffic, I really didn’t want to be the rubber-neck that hits something.

One fireman was trying to cover him up with a blue towel, the other held another from his position on a ladder. The body, white and naked hanging lifeless was male, fair hair hung over his face.
I got to work, but faltered there. They let me off first lesson and covered my register. What was this? I head filled with thoughts, first of a suicide; then after talking it through- a lynching. But now, I just don’t know, was it all some drunken prank by a bunch of inebriated macho-men.
There is nothing on the news yet.
First report: Yamyam

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