2°C, Icy start, then heavy rain. Not safe enough to cycle

New music arrived this week.

  • Frank Zappa: Shut up ‘n’ play yer guitar
  • Frank Zappa; The Grand Wazoo
  • Frank Zappa: Burnt Weeny Sandwich
  • Frank Zappa: Sheikh Yerbouti
  • Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks
  • Max Richter: 24 Postcards

The Zappa ones are American imports bought solely for iPodding.

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3 Responses to Mahonia

  1. monkeys says:

    F.Z RULES !


  2. Graham says:

    Hot Rats is my favourite. Saw him play live on t he Zoot Allures tour. Happy days.


  3. monkeys says:

    there are so many f.z albums. two of my faves are overnight sensation and apostrophe


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