How would you do this?

5°C, light cloud, sun too.

Picture this:

you’re driving a dustbin lorry, you’ve just finished with a load of bins and need to reverse into the left turning ahead. So you pull out, roll forwards and then reverse into that road to your rear-left. My question is this- how would you indicate? 
Bear in mind that it’s rush-hour and busy with walking-pace traffic.
This is what the guy did this morning:
Pull out, stop, put hazard lights on and do the reverse turn.
What should he have done?

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5 Responses to How would you do this?

  1. Graham says:

    I’m a pedestrian. I just try to avoid vehicles.


  2. Mike d. says:

    I was cycling, but trying to avoid this vehicle too. If I’d known which way he was turning it would have saved some aggro.


  3. Graham says:

    The trouble being of course, that to many drivers, cyclists are less than invisible. Swearing abusively at them helps the inner man, but only if you can get away quickly.


  4. Mike d. says:

    It’s amazing how many are practically invisible, how many wear dark clothes at night. Not me though, I have 3 front lights, 2 back and 5 reflectors & so on.


  5. Graham says:

    Give yourself a glowing reference, why don’t you? Sorry about that.


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