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corrupt system32

<7°C, & falling under clear starry skies. Poorly computer (again gasp): On Windows 2000, the System32system file is corrupt, meaning no bootup. I don’t know how this happens, but last night Kaspersky raised the alarm and offered to delete some … Continue reading

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Why this one?

9°C, bad of rain tonight, dry until now Why is this a news story? : Knox-Kercher murder case. Why, of all the murder trials going on in the world has this one floated to the top of the popularity ratings … Continue reading

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horizontally going down

<3°C, dropping, but dry now. Strange sleep routine: bed early, too tired to notice the others arriving home at mid-night. Then waker at 3 unable to get any more sleep. Camomile tea fixed it so that I nearly slept through … Continue reading

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7°C, distinctly warm compared to yesterday. Dry, SE wind, light Entrance exam again.: Had a good group today, it all went well. I couldn’t help noticing a minor irony- 24 kids sitting a test to win a place in a … Continue reading

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