3~5°C, miserable showers.

Deep, bone-aching tiredness. I know, I say this every year, but you can’t get used to this. The holiday promises to be: Whiskey, snow, chocolate and fine company. Bet I don’t end up clearing the gutters though. Christmas day is in the middle of the holiday this time, so shouldn’t spoil the break too much.

Consider this: slow gradual change to lower energy light-bulbs that produce less heat, so the thermostat asks the boiler for more, thus offsetting the benefit & raising the house’s power consumption again. I suppose the reduction in overall consumption must be felt when the heating is off. Erm, hold on…

The Copenhagen summit: world leaders meet to tackle the world’s second biggest problem. Wonder when talks start for the main one, the one that causes this all. Not heard a peep for years so it must be building up to be a big one.
More news reaction: Govt. have moderated the new rules for vetting adults who will work with children. Now there will only be 9,000,000 people vetted instead of the proposed 12,000,000 in England. It’s not clear how much vetting costs compared ot a full CRB check or how the numbers are divided, The CRB check is I believe £50, and registration £65 for each entry. We must be looking at a figure close to £1,000 million for both.. Good that there hasn’t been any recession, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford it. We live in an extremely wealthy country as you can see.
I have been vetted via a CRB check this term, but I neglected to commit any crimes since the last check a few years ago. Oops.

6 thoughts on “malaise

  1. the checks for peeps" WORKING" with children are supposed to be for peeps who have frequent and continued access to them . not parents, who are not working or volunteering on a regular basis for an organisation. as far as i know ( unless they changed things) peeps who do one offs or very occasional help are not required to have one


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