Why this one?

9°C, bad of rain tonight, dry until now

Why is this a news story? : Knox-Kercher murder case. Why, of all the murder trials going on in the world has this one floated to the top of the popularity ratings of the media.

A vague guess: it’s a story starring pretty people. Some papers are discussing their ‘surprise’ that this crime was committed by people who are not the archetypal evil criminal.Maybe it is a surprise if you take the hollywood-shallow notion that criminals are possessed by some evil force, in the christian understanding of the word.

Holly recommends Mike Leigh’s "HAPPY GO LUCKY" (2008) on Channel 4 tomorrow. Take note.

1 thought on “Why this one?

  1. Why is it news? Sex, drugs, death..say no more. There’s nothing important happening anywhere after all, is there?


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