This one tastes of Christmas

5°C, northerly, clear

Here is a fine chocolate, there is as much variety in the taste of plain chocolate as there is in Whisky. This one is certainly a single malt: however the Bournville I had in work today wasn’t even an unbranded blend; not sure that stuff even deserves the name ‘chocolate’ to be blunt.
This bar came as a surprise when driving home yesterday- it tastes of Christmas. Each block leaves a cherry-rich soft night-time after-taste. This is the peaty island malt of the chocolate world. Divine and Green & Blacks, you are up against some competition here. I bet many overlook this princely prize with its own-brand name and low price; don’t make that mistake- there are treasures of some depth to experience in this bar.

Now, steal yourself; off you to go the local Co-op to buy some.
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5 Responses to This one tastes of Christmas

  1. ravingpoet says:

    ok. i will.


  2. Graham says:

    If you liked that one, perhaps you should try the Somerfields ‘best ever’ Organic Peruvian dark chocolate bar. It’s gorgeous.


  3. Mike d. says:

    Okay, I will. It may be some time though- there isn’t a branch near here.


  4. Graham says:

    Curiously, our local Somerfield has been taken over by the Co-op and I was looking for your suggestion above, (being keen on non-sugary chocs) but they haven’t completed the takeover yet, and all own brand chocolates there are still Somerfield. But I was after proper chocolate and that’s the one I got. No disappointment at all!


  5. Mike d. says:

    Morrisons do a good one as well, I have since discovered. Can’t remember the exact name, but own brand again and some phrase that hints at its upmarketness. Okay, it’s not got the magical after-taste of the above, but very pleasant none-the-less.


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