10-13°C. Windy & showers. heavy ones.

Watched a borrowed DVD last night that turned out to be a pirate copy. This one was filmed in a cinema, you could hear people coughing and sometimes talking. The little parasite must have been sitting near the back with the videocam, because the bassy loud bits drowned out any clarity so that quite a few passages of dialogue were difficult to follow  There was a hollow loss of mid-range sounds that is common in cinemas, but the colour was off key too. At first I considered that the film was shot in a nostalgic desaturated colour-space, with added grain.
Cinemas frequently show videos pleading for people to avoid pirate videos, but I don’t think they need to bother. What I saw last night wasn’t really a proper film, certainly nothing that could compete with the product that film producers are trying to sell. I don’t see any reason to buy a disks from a pirate dealer because the genuine DVDs are don’t cost much anyway.
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