15°C, grey-dry.

Aberystwyth is a worthy visit. this is a High-Dynamic-range picture- using three exposures added together. They were only 1 stop apart but I now think more 2 stops would have been better.

I’m going to try this technique again; but it’s only worthwhile when the view contains no movement and the camera is fixed down to something solid.
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3 Responses to Aberystwyth_HDR01

  1. Graham says:

    That’s a spectacular picture.


  2. Mike d. says:

    A roundabout technique- you have to shoot three pictures, bright/normal/dark & merge them in the software. It really brings out the contrasts but I did boost the colours too.


  3. Graham says:

    I’d say it’s definitely worth the effort. I can only stand in awe and determine to learn, not being particularly technically confident myself.


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