Revenge of the Lawn

19°C, warm rain.

A utilitarian choice of read. Bedtime is time for a short read for me. It has ot be short because lying down makes me fall asleep- even in daytime. This book is full of short stories, I say it like that because there are so many of them in a thin book. One of them is only a few lines long. It’s nice to just to read his voice, though often the stories hold a pang of some sort that only Brautigan can reach in my (limited) experience.

4 thoughts on “Revenge of the Lawn

  1. How are you finding this? I just finished reading ‘Trout Fishing in America,’ ‘The Pill versus the Springhill Mine disaster,’ and ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ – with mixed feelings. ‘Trout Fishing’ I enjoyed, but ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ – no, no, no. Have you read much by him? Was I just unlucky in my choice?


  2. I have Watermelon, but not started it yet. "So the wind won’t blow it away" is wonderful though.Maybe you just don’t like him, his subject matter or style? I do.


  3. In Watermelon Sugar is young, sweet Brautigan. It isn’t really a story but if you like the style it’s enjoyable. It’s not my favourite though I have to say.


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