I’m soft with fatigue, I need something…

14°C, showers & moving air from the northern approaches

New books to tease me while I finish the current one.there are too many here- nice problem to have. Brautigan has a fine voice, it’s a plain melody to listen to while reading.

Approved of by the English department, they want to use them to teach short story analysis. what a great conversation that started- went so far that we want to take kids up Yr Wyddfa in bad weather and take turns reading and thinking romanticism. No it’s nothing to do with boy+girl stuff, this is just as big but ignored by city folk. stop and listen to the quietness and it’s just as loud- it has a big voice.

Tide in. All the photos are in my memory, it was too wet to get the camera out this week. The grass, channels and clay-slip mud banks. What a contrast to those raw frightening but sublime summits of the last few trips.
Am I getting worse?
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3 Responses to I’m soft with fatigue, I need something…

  1. Maria says:

    Sorry but I can’t see what the books are…but your ideas for lessons and trips sound wonderful…makes me wish I was back at school. The picture looks really cool too…couple that with the sounds of silence and nature…Ahhh..if only x.


  2. ravingpoet says:

    I couldn’t see what your choice of reading matter was, either. I agree, having a whole pile of books just waiting to be read, is wonderful. There are just not enough hours in the day.


  3. Mike d. says:

    A set of three Richard Brautigan books:Troutfishing in AmericaWatermelon SugarRevenge of the Lawn


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