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Five cygnets

25°C, sunny_ish; a few showers C50 Cynet reports: Looking strong, but one fewer. Oh well, that’s why the pen laid six I s’pose.I done got me a tent too, yeah!

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Dactylorhiza Fuschii

25°C, mostly sun, rain figured, wind barely so. Wild Orchids: Looks whiter in the photo than on the ground. A good find Mum. Last few days have been plagued by punctures, on the bike this time. What do you know… … Continue reading

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Pig flu

32°C, less humidity, more sun. I like it this way. Swine flu has arrived at work. 4 kids diagnosed, more are absent through illness and contagious-hypochondria. Now, if I could just contract man-flu, then I stand a chance of some … Continue reading

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