Forty days

21°C, light clouds & stuff

Break up for summer today. Forty days where I choose what to do; no bells.
Ordered some new prints for the house, included "The Girl With The Pearl Earring". I know everyone is familiar with this one and I am taken in by its charm as much as any. It seems odd to buy a print that is larger than the original though, so it’s only 30cm high.

The others are by Wyeth and another that I’ve forgotten. There will be time to frame them.

5 thoughts on “Forty days

  1. Teaching at home means I don’t really get a holiday as such as Tayla is around me all the time anyway…and Rebecca leaving school has meant the days here just blend into weekends, holidays…oh not forgetting I have to use this time to arrange next terms work..(sigh) but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it….plus the bells on the alarm clock get a break :)Lovely picture by the way…you’re right it’s well known, but timeless..xx


  2. I have, and liked it too. Incidentally, I have joined ilovefilm on a 60 day trial today. Fargo is on the top of the list so far.In Bruges is there too 😉


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