Dee of Ee

20°C, sun & showers

Only a short slot in which to write. Hope the tent dries out in this half-hour. After, I shoot out for a meal organised by QM. Still trembling with tiredness, all credit to noisy kids talking all night on the camp-site. Why girls, all the loud conversation, it’s only rain? The solution was obvious but not to hand- ear-plugs.
We did feel a certain moral superiority on the hiking trips; we staff hiked. Other schools’ staff manned checkpoints sitting in their cars having driven up onto the plateau. Our kids had expected us to do just that when they asked about this; the answer shut them up. We packed our rucksacks and hiked up the climbs too. In fact, on the second day, we’d worked out that we could give them an hour’s head-start and get to the checkpoints before them. That depended on the extreme slowness of our kids of course, and that is the way it turned out to be.

Rosie quickly became the trip’s mascot. On leaving yesterday the girls gathered by the gate as we drove out, all waving and cheering. When close enough I could hear "bye Rosie" etc. hey, what about me? It’s me that marks your coursework!
that dog impressed everyone, she changed quite a few minds about the virtue of the poodle breed. She also did a fine job of pre-washing the girls’ saucepans- Rosie likes beef stew, noodles and spaghetti hoops.
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3 Responses to Dee of Ee

  1. Planet Nicola says:

    Hello, thank you for the comment – I wrote a reply under the one you wrote. A "continuation thing", if you like Well, i have to admire anyone for wanting to camp out in this rain we’re having… I couldn’t do it.I was just looking at your artwork, it’s very impressive you ought to really consider putting them into a gallery or trying to sellthem or something. Art like that shouldn’t be kept a secret, you have a great talent there. Very well done and original stuff!Thanks againNicolaoh ps, i’ve seen a few daddy-long-legs, too. And yes, it is way too early for them…must be the humidity or something : S


  2. Maria says:

    Hiya…not sure what it is about girls and camping…have been trying to convince mine that a camping holiday would be fun..but no..that would mean no comfy straightners..mirrors etc..not to mention they’d be outdoors. The only one who seems up for it is far the most adventurous of my girlies…Sounds a lot of fun to me:)Am sure you’ll be remembered when they get the results of their coursework…until then, any chance I could borrow Rosie? I have a mountain of washing up to do before morning x


  3. Planet Nicola says:

    Well i’m skeptical of everyone lol especially Rosie, I don’t think she has time in her bowl licking activities to fit in oil painting! Poor Rosssssie : ))N hey naughty maria, i have rosie on down for washing up first, find your own pooch!!! LOL : ))))


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