Hey, again… up for a spin

20°C, showers with rumbles

Hey again, up for s pin?…pretty rain makes you smile…this is something, why don’t you come in?…this is some swell trash….Jesus, he’s easy, the safest way to go home….Hell, nothing’s boring, never could panic alone…Hey again, my only friend, pretty rain makes you smile, don’t pretty rain make you smile?…You are something, why don’t you come in?…You are some swell trash… Hyper-martyr, never would panic alone…Find her, my safest way to go home

This storm is getting further away…

one elephant..two elephant..three elephant…nine elephant
about 1½ miles away now.

Even the kids are tired at work; they feel like us. I caught two fast asleep in the computer room; they woke lost and surprised, staggering with pins & needles.I feel for them.

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