Bone tired

19°C, some epic rainstorms today

Deep: deep down to-the-bone tiredness. I know I have talked of this before, but the feeling stirs memories of previous end-of-term feelings. My whole being seems to know there is only a few weeks to go.
With all that, writing up a risk-assessment is the worst thing to do – at the best of times it saps all of your verve. We all have to do these, but consider the numbers, the hours spent and multiply by the payrate. It’s a privilege to live in a country with such overflowing wealth.
A recession; there can’t be?

Crane fly- what are you doing here two months early?

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1 Response to Bone tired

  1. Graham says:

    We had rain too, on Tuesday evening. Lots of it. So much that I had to call the builders out to supplement the rain diverting capacity of the guttering above the shop. The horror! The horror! The buckets of pigeon faeces contaminated water flowing down the inside of the window! The gallons of dettol and hot water!


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