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The 48 tree

23°C, sunshine, SP15, C=73 miles. Two photos from today’s cycle ride.Remember that swan nuclear family I posted a few Sundays ago. Well, haven’t they grown?I got resolutely hissed at by this swan. I don’t blame her, so I backed off.. … Continue reading

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18°C, sun all day ’till 21.30 Nice late evening walk in good company (bar the midges & gnats). Big skies and full colour palette.

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Health & Safety

21°C. Sun. C20 That Health & Safety meeting was just as good as I’d expected. Didn’t expect the prostate bit though.That hotel company did the honourable thing and returned my money today. So that is cleared up with no bad … Continue reading

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Guilty before trial

18°C, sunshine. Is this how justice works: See BBC This woman has been charged, her picture published in the media and she’s been attacked on her journey to court by the mob. But hold on a minute- what if.. just … Continue reading

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12°C, rain, with flashing clouds and growling skies I’m in love: I fell in love with this little painted sketch in the last week. Workmates witnessed me going ga-ga over it in the staffroom. I’ll try to get a print … Continue reading

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Have you got a ticket?

14°C, rain. English grammar is in my thoughts around this time- we’re writing reports at work. Add to that a discussion underway on FSDeveloper‘s website and my mind wanders- especially when on the bike. Some of the discussion looks at … Continue reading

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I’m sorry about my dogs

17°C, routine summer weather, C=20 I’m sorry that my dogs make others’ look rubbish. Rosie climbs mountains with me, she has an instinctive knowledge of the routes. Bessie has stayed at home but impressed me for another reason. This last … Continue reading

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11°C. Heavy rain. After "My life in verse"(BBC2), TS Eliot is fresher. Reading "The love song of Alfred Prufrock" now. Best approach this like a song, go over it time and time again, let it grow in my conscience like … Continue reading

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calm, still and warm

25°C, no clouds Time for rest: not surprising really, I have done over 30 hours exercise in the last week. Just for lightness, here is a picture of a happy swan family:Charming aren’t they, will I get to see how … Continue reading

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