Bad tempered

27°C, Sun & some rain. Close.

How the weather changes the way people drive- I got annoyed crossing lights (on green) to be startled by a car shooting out from the right driven by a woman who jumped a red light. I shouted out as two cars blasted their horns too. After another incident caused by driver arrogance (the car blocked the traffic while turning onto the main road) it was then fairly conclusive that the heat is making folks feel rather bad tempered. Me included- these kinds of thoughtless driving incidents happen a lot in Walsall.
I suspect that habits spread in towns so that drivers copy each others’ bad habits. In Walsall it’s jumping red lights; in Cannock, Signalling right to go straight-on at a roundabout; Lichfield, crossing the opposing carriageway on corners. Bad habits appear to be infectious rather like apostrophe abuse.
[/end of rant]

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