Speed trap

25°C, uninterrupted sun, Sth winds

On the commute to work: I went through a speed trap at 34 mph, but it didn’t trigger the camera- no flash. Was the camera’s trigger set just a bit higher- say 35mph, or did I not reflect enough for the radar? Perhaps if I put s length of baking foil up my cycling jersey, then the camera should trip. I’m not a stealth cyclist.

Lost: I lost Rosie tonight.Out for a 40′ walk in the woods and then an hour to search for my missing dog. By the time she came back she was obviously stressed and relieved. And so was I.
She’s back home now, worn-out and thirsty. I blame the rabbits, and they look so innocent too.
Now what has happened to my voice, it’s all hoarse & dry.
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4 Responses to Speed trap

  1. Graham says:

    Wow! Fancy being invisible to radar. I’d worry about wrapping my abdomen in foil. If there was an accident, the emergency services might spend so long trying to decide whether you were a. attempting to trigger a speed camera or b. attempting to shield your abdomen from the controlling rays that the government fills the airways with orc. convinced you were an oven ready turkey that treatment might well be unnecessarily delayed. Best play it safe and cycle a little bit faster. I have heard that they’re set at 10% over the limit. But not being a driver, I’ll accept any fancy tale about the wonderful world of motoring.


  2. Mike d. says:

    So 10% over is only 33mph, only 1 off then. Better try harder tomorrow.I’ll take your advice about the turkey, I have seen what happens to them- it’s not nice.


  3. Graham says:

    You say ‘only’ 1, but we walk at 4mph. That’s a quarter of our walking lives dismissed as ‘only’. Should we now walk three paces and then leap the fourth, to make that one in four feel better about itself? Is that what you’re suggesting? Do you see where a careless word can lead?


  4. Mike d. says:

    I see what you mean- a kind of walking equivalent of "take care of the pennies…"Today, I could only get up to 32mph through the speed trap. Perhaps the overlooked "1" is getting revenge, or something.


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