There were jewels in my eyes

18°C, light clouds, getting lighter

Contact lenses: tried out a trial pair today. They were uncomfortable to put in (the optician did that bit) but no real sensation after that. Seeing was another matter- vision was clear for half of the time but each thing you look at as you go about your day could be blurred or clear. The sens partially flaots in the tears on your eyes, which sometimes lifts the lens, sometimes it aligns true. Sometimes, patches were blurred, others amazingly clear. At best, there was no chromatic aberration and certainly none of that mildly irksome barrel distortion that I get with glasses. However, you just don’t ever know when you glance at something that it will beclear- probably a real nuisance when driving.

I’ll drop the idea of contacts for now.
Tomorrow– longest day of the year, perhaps go somewhere high to watch the sunset at 21.35.
Dating sites: if you are dating and do not ‘love to laugh’, please leave a note to satisfy my curiosity- do you actually exist?

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