Industrial gardening

5°C, no clouds, C=26 miles

Summer blight: Listen guys, it’s actually easier to trim the hedge with shears; it’s quicker to mow the lawn with a push-along. Switch off all those noisy machines and let’s all enjoy summer days on this crowded little atlantic island.

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4 Responses to Industrial gardening

  1. JaAG says:

    And don’t get me talking about motorcycles, jet skies, and hobbyist planes. Talk about loud. Ever notice how it always seem the lake plane flies over when Suzy and I are sunning. Too strange…


  2. Maria says:

    Now that sounds a lovely idea to me, I like the idea of lounging in a hammock enjoying all that newly found silence too..One question..are they your feet sticking out there???xxx


  3. Mike d. says:

    M. They are my feet.J. So you are being stalked by a float-plane?


  4. jo says:

    Typical man, kept your socks on, but do they pass the whiff test? They strted early here today and so I left for the farm and it was even worse there! The cows got out.


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