14°C, the showers are less heavy than yesterday.*, C=55 miles

This is rain I can live with, it is interrupted by bright sunny spells while the dark clouds brew up on the horizon. Stygian.
I ought to comment on the 19/20 politicians who have been fiddling the books in Parliament and the House of Lords too. It all seems too obviously corrupt to be worth mentioning. I can only hope they are treated in the way we would be if it were us in our jobs doing the same thing. But wait, only a few are suspended pending an investigation.
Cattle: here are the cows that chased Rosie & Bess last week. They look nice enough…

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2 Responses to Fifty-five

  1. Planet Nicola says:

    Hi there, and thank you for your recent comment!"There is a constant rain of fine dust particles & meteorites that make up 40,000 tonnes of tones each year."- Yep, and it "rains" right down on my windows, right after i’ve cleaned ’em! : (Could of googled the answer to my querie, but, it was just one of those random things I was pondering over.I’ve had a few scary run-ins with cows in fields (or rather they’ve had a run-in to me) they’re timid, but tend to run in your direction if something freaks them out. I keep my distance now lolThanks again.xnicola


  2. Mike d. says:

    I don’t know cattle well enough to know whether they are following their curiosity, or are trying to drive off my two dogs.


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