What time of day is it?

7-12°C, dry. C: 59 miles

04.40 :Dark right now. Lying awake thinking stuff over. Conversations mostly; non-too good ones though. Sunday nights are often plagued with sleeplessness, I can only guess why. Pre-work and troubled old friendships.

Bessie: (and Rosie) have new haircuts, but they are sometimes chilly. I see them shivering- that’s why I covered her in a blanket. She looks satisfied with the arrangement in this shot.
Cycled to Calke Abbey today, there is no Abbey there. Still a good place, much busier than Staunton Harold down the road.
The Green movement: is failing BBC. Yeah, and…
Goodnight. Up again in one hour; hope the camomile tea works tonight.

1 thought on “What time of day is it?

  1. I always seem to be plagued with sleeplessness….4.00a.m being a standard bedtime. Hope the not-too-good stuff sorts itself out for you though:)Haircut looks great by the way…very cosy loooking there too xx


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