Complicité: Shun-kin

8-12°C, good forecast.

London: a trip to the theatre. Entirely performed in Japanese, with minimal sets that seemed to combine stage design of Brecht and traditional Japanese music
(Nõ). The first 40 mins took a bit of work to plough through for me, but after that, I was in. It became an intimate emotional experience, the language was no problem- taken care of by translations displayed on the wall. Would that I knew even basic Japanese. Anyway, full stars or whatever accolades you like, stuff like this makes cinema seem weak.

2 thoughts on “Complicité: Shun-kin

  1. I saw some good theatre this week – an experimental piece about mental illness by Sarah Kane with blurred sense of character but very hard-hitting. I’m still amazed by the actors and their abilities.


  2. Theatre seems so much more vivid and involving, perhaps it’s because there is no barrier caused by the screen, or is it that we have control over how we view the stage, no camera/direction to do it for us?Maybe I will decide this once I have seen some duff theatre, that hasn’t happened yet.


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