To do…

7°C, thin overcast. Not so cold now.

List of things to do: get bike wheel rebuilt, frame some photos; finish “reader” portrait; home decorate,

More A6 time passing.
I have more CDs: The Eels, Johan Johannssen. and one that is so relentlessly poor that I shalln’t name it.

5 thoughts on “To do…

  1. Okay, okay, you have forced this regrettable revelation on me- "Ben Folds Five".I shall never buy one again, ever.


  2. Ben Folds Five means absolutely nothing to me. I seem to live in a state of cultural isolation. Or did you make that one up?


  3. You’re right, it wasn’t worth the bother. Unless you like looking at ‘page not found’ and ‘dns server error’ pages. Amazon’s recommendations often seem to be based on algorithms from Planet Irrelevant though. I once bought a memory card for my camera and a bundle of Berlitz guidebooks for Budapest, Vienna and Prague from them, and the next ‘recommendations’ email suggested that I might like to purchase a boxed set of ‘The L Word’ and a selection of lesbian and s/m literature. I can’t wait to visit Austria now, though I may go in drag.


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