Of Ice and indescision

Clear, 4°C

Drove, no Ice could, have ridden, pah!
Sunset- favourable, mornings- lighter and I’m charmed by a delightful tutor group. What can I do to let them know how much I appreciate them?
Chrome:it is really no problem writing a blog entry in Chrome in raw HTML, line breaks, paragraphs and style are obvious really.

2 thoughts on “Of Ice and indescision

  1. What can you do to make them know how much you appreciate them??I wouldn’t suggest kissing them! : P xPs: Yes, the mornings are lighter aren’t they? It’s getting closer to spring, which is always good! : )


  2. PPS: It would be nice for them to hear you say it. Just tell them you appreciate them. It’s that simple. (okay, but don’t go overboard on it, say it, then move on… You don’t want them to know you’re a pushover! Or have never had a tutor group like them before…) I know these things, I used to go to school -once : )


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