Baader-Meinhof Complex

8°C, heavy rain.

Baader Meinhof complex: Film |Guardian review: was unrelentingly grim last night at the new cinema in Derby. However, the cinema was very nice, comfortable seats ( for a long film) and the sound-quality was very nice. The film was obviously not digital, with scratches and holes- old stock it seemed. My impression is that it makes a good companion to Munich, which was set near the end of this story. Munich seemed a  warmer film. Meinhof had to loose her daughters in the story, but not enough was made of this thread for me. I’m not giving this an unreserved recommendation.

Cup of tea:
The removal firm have arrived.
Firstly park the lorry, open the back and sit down for a cup of tea. British workmen.
I realised yesterday, I haven’t got any fireworks yet.

It’s a free country

-2°C, clear & icy

Turned back: returned home this morning before arriving at work. I had to abandon the cycle ride, the ice was threatening to turn the world on its side and wallop my head. That can’t happen in the car, so I drove.

Web censorship: no, we don’t live in a free country. The whole Wikipedia fiasco is important not because the IPSs censored an image, it’s because they censored a web-page. that doesn’t happen widely outside China and North Korea. It’s the debate, ideas and beliefs that are important, we can manage without the stupid album art picture. This is important, the band concerned are not in my opinion, they are macho, arrogant rubbish. An acceptable compromise would be to censor the image, ISPs can do that, but they didn’t in this instance. They have since withdrawn the block.

UK Censored

5°C, rain.

Some UK ISPs have censored a Wikpedia article about the German rock band "The Scorpions", one album cover has caused the problem, 32 years after it was released. That’s what I call slow reactions. My very own Claranet have joined in the blockage. See if yours does too: Blocked
I’d guess that this band were the inspiration for Spinal Tap’s "Smell the Glove" parody. the album cover is pretty easy to find on other sites though, it’s only Wikipedia that is barred.
Funnily enough, the page is not blocked in school.

Adapt, adjust

 5°C. NE Winds, some rain

A break in-between storms and ice. So, ride to work, a desperately needed exercise. It’s been over a week, legs have been fizzing for half of that , but something lies in wait for me, a threat.
Remarkable how bodies adjust to the cold, after a cold spell, the respite seems quite warm, like today. No more am I suffering with chills when the air is 6°C, that now feels comfortable. It was those days below -2 that drove tolerance to lower temperatures.

Time speeds up?

2°C, clear.

We are all too aware that time speeds up, or seems to. I have a suggestion about this; time is running reasonably steady but our memory is getting better as we grow older. This day last year; was Entrance exam at work and it seems no time since that happened. "It seems like no time since we were last doing this"- you know the feeling. Is that because my memory is gradually getting better and I can therefore recall it more clearly as each year passes.

Isn’t that a better alternative to "time is accelerating away from us". A wine-glass-half-full way to look at it!

Buying iTunes from Amazon

1°C, thin overcast. Sleet this morning

OK, not what you’d think: albums cost £7-8 from iTunes. You can easily buy the same thing from Amazon, 2nd hand for as little as £3, then make the conversion in the iTunes software ready for your iPod. there are other advantages apart from cost, that is – quality. Play the CD on a real hifi and enjoy real hifi sound quality. I shall experiment with higher sampling rates in iTunes soon to see how much clearer it sounds..