20 years on…

9°C. Grey & still.

Preparing for Christmas, but my fizzy legs want to go cycling.
Remarkable: I found a Filofax diary from 20 years ago. Cuckoldry occurred then too, and in the same seasons. The web was waiting to be invented then so, I put lots of detail in ink instead of here on the ether. I was sensitised to rejection that year too, much is encoded in symbols. Even so, there are some that need to be lost to history. Those pages are more easily wiped than musings here in the interweb I’ll wager.
I will make a fire.
Kitchen stereo: Highest priority now is music in the kitchen, I hate cooking in silence. the original  iPod Bose dock thing is said to be unable to charge the newest iPods. Not clear whether this applies to my Classic. I have a better idea anyway: buy a pair of speakers & amp from Richer Sounds and plug in a charging base-dock thing- total cost is about the same but the spare FM tuner can be wired in too. The sound should be considerably better than any SoundDock.

I need to launch some fireworks, but not to celebrate new year- I have other things in mind. Not yet had time to paint since we broke up for the holiday. Rats.

…The Poodles are well.

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