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On Murakami

13°C, windy, cool and fresh. C 53 miles Book: "Norwegian Wood", by Haruki MurakamiThere is a lovely line in the book I am reading currently ("Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami.) He uses a simple language that is all the more … Continue reading

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Dirty dogs

13°C, bright& dry. Chase: the dogs are so filthy and smelly after a romp on the chase, that it will have to happen less often. There is now mud in the kitchen where they are drying off. Never-the-less I’d still … Continue reading

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I thought it would be easier than this.

Funny, I didn’t know this song until after reading the lyrics (poetry). I’m thinking that reading the poem is a better experience than listening to the song.

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Hips and Makers

13°C, typical autumn. Computer– had a virus which I think is out now, but it’s knocked out some services- the comp can’t copy/paste any more. I don’t know which service is responsible for that though.Watercolour Painting:- searching for a visual … Continue reading

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14°C, some showers. Comfortable though. Two colds: I have two colds I have to conclude- one that has just finished, the other peaked yesterday. I can’t see any reason why that shouldn’t be the case, but the symptoms we experience … Continue reading

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Full moon

15°C, dry, some sun, Fresh. Wyeth: still reading the exhibition book I talked of recently. Apparently, he often upset his sitter by painting them out of his pictures to leave a figureless scene. He clearly had a vivid idea of … Continue reading

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Summer’s end

20°C, sunny. Thinks: there must be something about the end of summer. Why? After a nice day walking the dogs, sharing a meal with friends and stuff, I lay in the garden hammock until the sun went down listening while … Continue reading

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Jacob Golden

15°C, rain this afternoon. Revenge Songs; by Jacob Golden is getting rave reviews in the media, is that because of the record’s euphonic sound? I’m not really sure how long I will like this album, but for now I am … Continue reading

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twenty thousand views

Another milestone- 20,000 views on this blog was passed today. It’s harder to tell these days who has been visiting, it used to be really obvious., now all I have are mysteries.

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I’ve returned, this far

14°C, light clouds, warm afternoons. This is: the new me. Or at least I am back, after wandering in the mires; I have returned. I shall not be stifled this time.My cold is nearly over, my legs have the urging … Continue reading

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