Snow coming?

4°C, rain showers, but wintry showers are approaching.

Winter wasteland: what an unecessary day- MS Windows is broken on this computer and it’s taking all day to fix it. It has been snowing outside, slushy dull grey day.
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1 Response to Snow coming?

  1. Soma says:

    Haven’t been in here for a long time. Glad to see nothing’s changed: the weather is uppermost, and the feet are still there! Thank God for the feet…I thought of those feet a couple of weeks ago. I was invited to an open house art sale, got horrendously drunk and went home with a print of a Mexican masked wrestler called El Campeon, which I surreptitiously inserted into my son’s suitcase that he was taking away to university the next day. I enjoyed the part of La Patrona. This must be how Charles Saatchi feels. (but without the frisson of Nigella Lawson eating her breakfast off a Grayson Perry plate down in the kitchen.)J


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