Wordless thoughts.

Bright and sunny. 13°C, SW winds.

…Continuing from yesterday’s K Hersh ramble.
I received another of her albums today. An earlier one- ~"Sky Motel". An album driven by a more rocky band, it is closer to the Throwing Muses than the other familiar solo albums. I’m admiring the lyric writing still, which is at the fore in my mind when listening.
An interesting exercise is to make comparisons between the act of painting and writing. Apart from the mechanical
process of constructing pictures, the way objects are assembled is a
source of meaning for visual artists. Composition, colour and tone are
merely technical issues, meaning itself lies in lower layers. Pinning it down though is rather
like defining conscience: no-one has really come up with a satisfactory
explanation of that. However, what I am talking about is
communication, often of wordless thoughts. KH’s wordless thoughts are driven by a state of mind, one that is driven in part by a depressive state of mind. The inner pain that many feel, has been linked to creativity by Kay Redfield-Jamison in her book Touched by Fire. In another article, there was the suggestion that women are more likely to express this kind of creativity through poetry than in other art forms.
I may get this book soon; feeling a need to understand.
I’d better leave this now, it needs expanding, but I have agreed to get up at 04.45 tomorrow morning.

~Wordless thoughts swirl about
my head.

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