I’m going…

14°C, brisk winds

An Evening With Kristin Hersh: a birthday outing for me in London. How the day will pan out is not at all clear yet. But the tickets order made it in time.
In the meantime, I am thinking over the way she writes. Writers are so interesting aren’t they. I love the way they talk about the process.
She says in in a 1995 interview with AOL’s
Critics’ Choice electronic music magazine:

"That’s the way a song hits
you right here, right here (she motions to the heart and gut) instead
of in your brain because the words themselves are all real sweaty,
color, action words, so they just go bang-bang-bang. They’re not supposed
to make you think and try to figure out some puzzle. People think that
I’m trying to trick them, that I have some thing I could write down and
I haven’t done it and I’ve just given them a bunch of poetry instead. I
find it to be the clearest way to talk. It’s like the way little kids
talk because they have no filler words and no overriding thoughts to
color your impression of what’s happening in a song."

Though feeling more contented this week, I am tired by all of this; very tired.

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