12°C, clear, sunny and fresh.

The air: is lighter today. There is a lot of personal turmoil underway at work but my mood is lighter. So many have personal-life-falling-apart issues, unscheduled absence, disintegrating families (not just me then). What is going on this year?
At least my day was lighter in spirit; no visits to the blue study for me. I did escape to the Arboretum for some air, some light and time.

Letter writing: try this for an intriguing website.Sleeptrip. The site is full of love letters, 300 of them (possibly more). Have a read.

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1 Response to Lightness

  1. dawn says:

    *jeez!*  ………..personal turmoil, you dont say (lol) this F-ing world is kinda like a cosmic boot camp and i tells ya :Pon the site you recommended, i took a deeper look if inspiration is what you’re looking for then i guess yes..but one has really gotta mean what one says, not just cos the string of words sounds beautifully touching etc. im not judging nor telling you what to do  dear Mike but having recently had my skin peeled off my back – as a girl i just wanna hope for all of us to have a well lets just call it consciousness ‘cos
                                                                               those words, like a horoscope:
                                                                               everyone sees himself, finds a promise
                                                                                                 & believes is made for himAll the best-est: you know! keep well, stay uUu, hugs,d


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