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Home by lunchtime

16°C. Cloudy, On getting home: I had every intention of cycling my restless feelings away. Now all I can see is torrential rain outside. Dammit!Taking a solo holiday is revealing. Normally I can open conversation casually with strangers without any … Continue reading

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Day 2: Van Gogh Museum

19°C, heavy showers forecast, it’s sunny right now. 2nd full day: more walking planned but I have a blister- let’s see if wearing two pairs of socks helps. I didn’t sleep very well so now have a mild headache; perhaps … Continue reading

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Day 1: Rijksmuseum

up to 21°C, some heavy showers predicted. Hotel: like staying in an Art gallery, the room is a bit pokey though. There are shared bathrooms, which are worth a photo in themselves. (Wait & see).I shall have to task some … Continue reading

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16°C, rain The weather forecast is terrible- rain all week. Worse weather than is due here. This M$ map feature is good don’t you think? I will be staying near the top-right, just where the S100 meets the yellow road.

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74 miles- easy!

18°C, 8/10 clouds Cycling, last weeks’ rides tott up to 208 miles, I feel like I can go all day. When I get back from Amsterdam, weather permitting, I will do a 100.

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19°C, clear & sunny Cannock Chase: excellent place to walk the dogs at 8am. And… Indeed I did sleep well. Incidentally- I only weigh 91 kg right now, hence the ease of cycling I would suggest.

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45 miles

19°C, sun & a few showers, amazing cloudscapes. I’ve worn myself out. 170 miles so far this week. An advantages of recent upheavals is that I am burning off nervous energy by cycling, the spinoff- my fitness is the highest … Continue reading

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18°C, lots of short showers on the wind Confirmed: I’m off for a few days to Amsterdam next Monday. The booking failed at the last moment on the first attempt so I didn’t get the hotel I really wanted, no … Continue reading

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Loaded up

16°C, heavy rain. In FSX: the Cathedral looks like this so far Hmm, I thought I’d changed those red textures on the buttresses.

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Sore legs

21°C, Windy & sunny patches. 3DS for FSX: On a day for resting the legs and occasional stretches. I’ve been making things again. This is lichfield Cathederal, destined for FSX and possibly Google-Earth.Some faces havn’t got textures yet (as you … Continue reading

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