Where is Rosie?

20°C, good weather, dry & fresh

Today I lost my dog for some time. Some nice folks helped me find her soon enough. She likes to rummage around the wooded fields & lost track of me. The folks who found her said she was frantically running up and down (obviously upset). She slept very well on getting home.
  • Get a whistle*
  • Buy a bell for me and/or her.
  • Put my Mobile number on Rosie’s collar
  • Satellite tracking is out of the question though. What about a radio tag, I can creep about with headphones and a dipole aerial.

*I’m a teacher, I should have one.

1 thought on “Where is Rosie?

  1. You must of been clearly distraught when you found that you had lost your dog, it only happened to me once with my dog, I had told her off for whining in the kitchen, whilst I was talking to my Mother, who had come to see me for the day. After about 30 mins I realized she was not around, I searched the house, Oh my God, she was not there, the side gate was open, I rushed out into the drive and called her, she was always a loyal dog, (past tense she is no longer with me) I ran back into the house very distraught, this was my loyal friend, where can she be. I picked up her lead and went through the front door, just to see my dog (lady) walking up the road with two young girls, who luckily knew where she lived. The moral of my story is, I used cross words and my dog ran away from home. She could be so sensitive at times because she has feelings as well. I expect because you have left your dog for a little whilst on holiday, this is the way she is showing you that she was hurt by your absence in her life.  Lots of love and cuddles and reassurance from their owner always helps!!


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