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Early evening, after work

20°C, NW winds, but warm & dry. Hammock: after work, ride home and make an early supper. Lie in the hammock to eat, then fall asleep. After dozily waking slowly, watch the blackbirds and a robin not more the 1 … Continue reading

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18°C, 1/2 cloud, light winds, no rain. c=78miles Cycling: Good long ride today, included a new route to Breedon-on-The-Hill. One week to Summer break.

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Miss Helen

18°C, wind and some heavier showers. Flying Legends: the usual airshow outing which I thought would be boring and routine. Once it started, the sights and mainly the sounds made the treck out there worthwhile. Miss Helen hasn’t been on … Continue reading

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In your underwear?

16°C, rain showers, plus sunny bits. Favourite news story: BBC Size FF? You could get a rabbit in there!Priceless!The Whalesong is familiar; it must have been sampled innumerable times over the years since it was recorded (1970), Kate Bush, Pink … Continue reading

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Whale song

15°C, even more rain. Really big drops that make bubbles in puddles. Endless. Amazon: awaiting a CD of Whalesong, but I don’t know if I can play it. I fear it may be too melacholic,or worse…   I love this … Continue reading

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15°C, rain, C. only 26 miles Look! It’s out there…rain Only rode 26 miles on the bike today. 4 showers and approaching thunder. I was wetted!

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St. Kilda for FSX

26°C, warm sunny day, but rain now. FSX scenery: I’ve just put together a cluster of islands for FSX: St. Kilda off the west coast of Scotland. There was nothing by default in the Sim, but this has worked a … Continue reading

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