Summer, coming

16°C, chilly Nth Wind. Dry

Summer: doesn’t really feel like it, only 16 deg today, but warmer weather is coming. Hurry up!
Cycling, don’t know why, but today’s ride was rubbish. The crystal clear skies and fresh air drew me out, but my legs felt empty and I only ended up doing 26 miles.
More painting: but the brighter colours are competing with each other and it needs a darker anchor. There is a horizontal band that will do that job well.
Geekiness: spent some time learning the programme "ADE" today (to author addon scenery for FSX). The airfields now direct the planes to parking, refuelling and gates after landing, but the Taxi arrows feature don’t show up, I have missed something for certain. Mixing taxi-ways with polygon aprons seems to be a problem, as if FSX doesn’t know which to draw on top, but don’t feel too bad about it because some default airfields suffer the same way. What an excellent prog, the newest versions make placing buildings much easier too.

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