Hammershøi @ RA

18°C, windy but dry.

London: was extremely busy today, and this, a Sunday. The crowds were mostly foreign tourists it seemed, but then maybe it would seem that way. London has the highest proportion of foreign nationals of any city in Britain.
Royal Academy: the Hammershoi was just as good as I’d expected, only there were not as many paintings in the show. They’d laid it out so that the floorplan was comparable to his house where most of the paintings were made. I didn’t get this until about half way, so I went around again- taking the opportunity to do so with music from my iPod. It’s a good idea to do this in busy exhibitions since you can get distracted by others’ conversations (however quietly held). The pictures had hardly any colour, were very still and disconcertingly quiet in mood.

Turpentine: I have been painting too.

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