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Elections open to the deceased

17°C, rain, it’s only light though Mayoral Elections are open to the dead inRomania ( isn’t that part of Transylvannia?). Laurie Anderson had a premonition to this in the late 1980s in one of her records. See here BBCCrime: Govt. … Continue reading

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13-18°C, cloudy cool then it warmed up. C=51 miles Cycling: hedgerows full of Angelica that has taken over from Cow Parsley. Elderberry trees are in flower and lots of Foxglove, deep purple/pink and dominant along some roads. Artemesia is most … Continue reading

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16°C, a bit chilly, but bright & dry. Sketchbook: Scans from the current A6 sketchbook. Some ideas for paintings, possibly for this summer, who knows?Work: no kids today, but lots of report writing, at least I had some fun with … Continue reading

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Advice: raw meat

19°C, drizzle then clearing Dammit: no ride today because the weather looked poor, but then it cleared up as I drove in. Then the car-radio news was full of fuel shortage and price doubling stories. Regret. Fox food: I sought … Continue reading

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Following vulpecula

21°C, cooler & more wind. No cloud pm. Hay-fever is strong. The Fox: hasn’t eaten the dog-biscuits I put down last evening. Perhaps he ate some but I can’t tell with certainty, there are other animals that could be interested.Soma: In the … Continue reading

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Vulpine visitor

26°C, hot summer’s day, no cloud or wind. Get home and doze in the hammock in the garden with a good book: what a fine way to end a fine day. I can listen and see some interesting urban wildlife … Continue reading

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Wormwood in Staffordshire

25°C, 1/10 cloud; light NE; C=79 miles Absinthium: after stopping by the road for a bike adjustment, there it was – a clump of Wormwood. It really does like sandy soil, by the roadside away from other plants; or is … Continue reading

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El Cant De La Sibil

20°C, clear summer’s day. Montserrat Figureas: Delivered CD today from France. It came faster than the Amazon sourced order. Sacred music from Southern Frmace in Latin. Thanks to Simon from Can Llouquette for the recommendation. It’s good for; purity and space. … Continue reading

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Rain & mist 1240m high

16°C, rain Last Wednesday: mist and rain photo. What an unforgetable day. We’d stopped at a rocky Col to eat, then on hearing pat pat pat of rain, decided to descend. Coming down the south slopes the rain beat, the … Continue reading

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Pyrénées return

15°C (so far), cloudy, Cycle 44 miles later on. Longest trainride: 15 hours by train yesterday from the Canigou region of the Eastern Pyrénées. Pictures and comments may follow, you never can tell though. More reliably – view my Flickr … Continue reading

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