Bessie showed me up today.

19°C, wet morning, gorgeous afternoon.Sun

Bessie "roughed up" a terrier dog this afternoon and it’s
owner was livid. He ranted & shouted at me- which made it difficult to be
immediately apologetic. Trouble is, he was walking his dog in a field but kept
it on a lead, and dogs feel cornered by that, especially when a bigger dog comes
bounding over. It must be easy to for this bloke to see Bessie as the baddie, an
not notice the likely snap his terrier most certainly will have done. Westland
terriers have been bred for hunting, killing rabbits and the like, plus their
reactions are very fast; but the guy wasn’t in the mood to hear any of that. His
threat was to have a letter from a solicitor come through my door. Quaint.

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