It’s been a while

10°C, Sun, still & cloudless. C=39 miles

…’ been busy though. Unlike most terms, I’ve made time for 3DS Max. This has beena very nice, mild and dry half-term, short too.
Still, I persist with trying to get 3D objects into that flight simulator (FSX), sometimes it gets tantalisingly close. The second picture shows an aerial view with only a shadow where the model of a generic Church should be. Good grief.

Firefox crashes: Re-install and update, with a root file clean-out in-between. Over here we are nervously hoping that thos crashes triggered by web browsing will desist.
That derelict part of Tatenhill airfield was interesting this afternoon. It would be good to get in there with my new camera for some quality shots.
Found a fab site today- with the rather predictable name of "Urban Assault". There is some great stuff in there though, have a look.

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