A walk in the dark

6°C, clear, a respite from the rain.

Four attempts at repairing a series of punctures failed this evening after dark. So I set of on the 10 miles walk home after ringing Hannah. She set off on the lookout for me wheeling the bike with flashing lights switched on. She drove past me. I decided to continue because she knows which way I was going. It took another 3 miles before she finally pulled up exasperated. Perhaps I just ought to throw out all of those spare inner-tubes and start with fresh ones, you really need to trust things like that.

3DS Max: Built a model of Chernobyl NPP last night. It was based on the Google-Earth model which I used as a template. The GoogleEarth model was imported into Sketchup and then to 3DS. There was a lot to fix, firstly the model has far too many triangles and second the main chimney was the wrong shape. After tidying up the girder structure that supports the chimney, the poly count was reduced to a tenth of its original. On the right is a photo of the real place, for comparison. I’d like to end up importing that 3D model into FSX flight simulator. To begin with, the model had 12,000 faces, . Now it has far fewer(6,000) and the model more detailed.

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