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One dog’s nightmare

-1 to 5°C, dry & v cold. We know dogs deam, but do they have nightmares too? At about 5am today, I heard this haunting, melancholic one note howl from Rosie. She was sleeping in here, near the door ( … Continue reading

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Pending requests

6°C, dull, but mostly dry. No cycling. Every few days I find links to various womens’ Live_spaces in the pending requests. They have spaces with barely any info and of course I have never heard of them. They always look … Continue reading

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A dull day shining

7°C, rain, less wind. As promised- photos of shiny things. They’re pedals, not fitted yet, but I expect they’ll bung up with mud less often. Admire them before they get used, oily and scratched. Today has been a day of … Continue reading

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One more red nightmare

15°C, grey & rainy periods. Reassuring that visits deep into the past record collection aren’t revealing embarassing immature tastes. I say that because listening to Red by King Crimson today brought back the same hair-raising thrill that it did back in … Continue reading

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13°C, warm, wet & windy. C20miles We live on an island in the Atlantic; it’s December and we’re swept by storms- oh well. Bioshock: I’ve gone back to STALKER for a another run through, Bioshock keeps crashing at one point … Continue reading

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Flat earth

6-8°C, dry & clear. Hang on, no! It’s raining now. Sunrise: I got the timing right on the way in today, the sun rose over my left shoulder, it lit up the clouds from below, and appeared over the horizon … Continue reading

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8°C, clear; stiff W winds. Forecasts are terrible for this weekend, cycling tomorrow looks less likely than usual. If I’m housebound then I’ll just have to fiddle with that iPod. There are a few things I don’t understand about it- … Continue reading

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