Burst cable

8°C, still 7 overcast. Feels warmer.

Yesterday: Cycling– delayed after an accumulation of repair jobs. You know how it is- you check a minor job that needs doing and find another problem you didn’t know about. Just as I was checking the brakes before setting off, the front derrallier cable broke, it wasn’t the cable as such, but the sheath. I’ve never seen that happen before. See picture, note that the PTFE inner sheath is sound, as is the outer, but the stranded lining is the one that failed.

The ride was good though, what a difference 5mm makes- I put a chainset with 180mm cranks on, and it’s really liberating, I can get full stretch on each pedal stroke. far more efficient.

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1 Response to Burst cable

  1. Shuo says:

    Happy New Year.May you lead a healthy life.As our Chinese saying,"Health is the greatest fortune in our life."
    I’m glad to know that you’d like to tell me something about the dogs.I’ll ask you some questions by then I get a dog.
    All the best.


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