A Blackbird’s Christmas.

6°C, clear. C=24 miles.

MSLive failed yesterday, so this post is posthumous.
Cycling: Blackbirds use ground effect whilst in flight to gain extra speed for less effort. Here in the UK that often means using flat hard surfaces like roads. Today, one Blackbird ended its life doing that. It was struck by a car near the River Tame and fell like a rag-doll into the road not far from me. As I rode past I could see that it was still moving, I wasn’t even sure what it was until close.
Like that story I told here a few years ago, I picked it up, in the vague hope that it would recover. No injuries were visible, its heart still beating, and heaving rapid breathes. It’s eyes started to close, and the breathing got lighter, the little yellow beak slowly lowering. After no more than a minute, the breathing stopped, I urged it on to no effect. The moment had passed I thought when its beak opened slightly with a film of saliva in the corner.
I put it on the grass.
Such a beautiful creature, one of the finest songbirds (more so being a male). Such a waste,
The photographs were taken less than a moment after it faded from life
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