Pending requests

6°C, dull, but mostly dry. No cycling.

Every few days I find links to various womens’ Live_spaces in the pending requests. They have spaces with barely any info and of course I have never heard of them. They always look like some fading porn star, certainly no-one I recognise. This practice looks like some pointless spamming internet scam. No harm in blocking them then!
STALKER, 3rd run-through. (PC game), After a slightly lacklustre start to Bioshock, I’ve restarted a new game in STALKER. There is something particularly rewarding about this game, it must be the mixture of the  setting, atmosphere FPS genre with the RPG elements thrown in. It makes great screenshots, which isn’t that easy to do in Bioshock.

2 thoughts on “Pending requests

  1. does smell fishy that pending request…anyway i came by to bring you THIS may be a bit childish but still i hope it’ll elicit a smile. Have a most joyous Christmas season with your loved ones :)


  2. i and a few of my other space friends have been getting weird private messages and pending requests. just today one of my mates, Zeynep posted a blog on this pm she recieved: "no one can save the world." disturbing maybe but i usually dismiss it as ridiculous, absurd and just laugh it off                                                                      :Pp.s: hey Mike, truth is that i have been leaving you comments sporadically throughout these years… not just recently. its just that you either overlooked them or decided not to respond. so sometimes i get the feeling that im intruding unwelcome but thick-skinned me just goes right ahead and comment anyway :p hmmm… maybe if you’d like for others to visit your space, you hafta space trot and wave at some of them first? anyway, this is just my two pence worth. all the best-est my friend, dawn


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