A dull day shining

7°C, rain, less wind.

As promised- photos of shiny things. They’re pedals, not fitted yet, but I expect they’ll bung up with mud less often. Admire them before they get used, oily and scratched. Today has been a day of rain, lots of it as has most of this week, will it flood soon?
The wet landscape should be good for photographs, but for the lack of light. I’m currently looking into a camera upgrade to solve that problem. Mine isn’t too good when set to higher ASA speeds- it gets rather grainy.
3DS Max: Digger again, oh no! (-oh yes!). Added some scene objects, to give it some space, the mobile phone mast was the most satisfying- mostly because it took a relatively short time to make; then I used a x-ref scene contaiing a Cathedral.
I fancy adding a small flock of birds next. Don’t hold your breath.

1 thought on “A dull day shining

  1. lol…a dull day shinning                   :pwell thenif it floodslets go swimming instead of cycling


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