Nine Kestrels

8°C, cloudy, light NE winds. C=60.5 miles

nine in one ride, remarkable. The winter bike is handling perfectly, it’s not been that good for years! But I am anxious about a ripple in the paint on the top-tube. It could be a symptom of a crack underneath.

The National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas is very good. The main wall is about the same proportions as Stonehenge, but there is a slit just left of South in two walls that line up with the sun on guess which hour of which day? A slightly sad note i has been posted on the doors, apologosing about the number of memorial trees that have died due to last summer’s flooding. I can’t help thinking – what do you expect? You build your site on the flood-plane of a major British river, the land is really marshy, and much of it is below river-level. More trees will be killed next time it floods, hardly a rare occurance.

NB the iPod is working really well. I’d like to find out how to remove the built-in games, they swallow up about 400MB out of the 4Gb this model has. Those and the operating system I suppose. Now- how do I uninstall those games?

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