Orange skimmed rooftops

6°C, cold, still and misty. C=4×21 miles

This week has been good for cycling, despite very cold air, -3°C some mornings. Both mornings and evenings (which now happen in Mid-afternoon) have seen colourful sunset/rises. Routine makes it feel like "Groundhog Day". I see the same pedestrians in the mornings, crossing at the same places, the same cars overtake and the same sun sets.
See the picture of orange sunlight skimming horizontally across rooftops and trees.

Apetite: insatiable this week. Someone suggested that it is the cold that has boosted my hunger, which is an interesting thought.
I had 513 emails tonight, all claiming returned emails, so some spammer has been using my address as return addy.
Staffroom: we debated a Virus’s right to life status. No we aren’t virus antiabortionists, I wasn’t sure if they were alive in the first place. They’re not.

The kids did charity things.

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